2018-08-07 Luke Kenneth... add helloworld template example master
2018-08-07 Luke Kenneth... add test
2018-07-26 Christophe... Update .travis.yml
2018-07-25 Christophe... update documentations
2018-07-25 Christophe... Update README.md
2018-07-25 Christophe... remove unnecessary logging
2018-07-13 Christophe... add new ressource tracking to the node template
2018-07-10 Christophe... add flist autobuild script
2018-07-05 Christophe... Update templates to call uninstall when service is...
2018-07-03 Christophe... fix logger call
2018-07-02 Jo De BoeckAdd ZT IP to vm info + zt_client actions (#159)
2018-06-29 Christophe... improve monitor logic of vdisks
2018-06-29 Christophe... always make sure the url of the vdisk are correct befor...
2018-06-29 Christophe... Refactor node, zdb and vm monitor. (#158)
2018-06-29 Christophe... edit .gitignore
2018-06-28 Sarah Boctoradd empty defaults for disk urls
2018-06-28 Sarah BoctorRemove disk update url from certain vm actions
2018-06-28 Sarah BoctorAllow vm uninstall even if vm is not installed
2018-06-28 Sarah BoctorAdd missing Exception class
2018-06-28 Sarah BoctorExtend vdisk docs and tests.
2018-06-28 BolaNasrfixed an issue #141
2018-06-28 Jo De BoeckRetry registration (#157)
2018-06-27 serboctorMerge pull request #154 from zero-os/vdisk-bug
2018-06-27 Sarah BoctorFix vdisk label bug
2018-06-24 john-kheirtestcases for zerodb (#152)
2018-06-22 Christophe... fix namespace install test
2018-06-22 Sarah BoctorPR comments
2018-06-22 Sarah Boctoradd action to get node_port in minio template.
2018-06-22 Sarah BoctorExtend vm template
2018-06-22 Sarah BoctorRefactor node and namespace templates to work with s3
2018-06-21 Jo De BoeckAdd uninstall callbacks when gw service gets deleted...
2018-06-21 Jo De BoeckGW actions use `name` instead `object_name` (#149)
2018-06-20 Jo De BoeckMake gw name use service uuid to make name unique ...
2018-06-14 Chris Van de... fixup vm docs
2018-06-11 serboctorMerge pull request #145 from zero-os/minio_ref
2018-06-11 Sarah BoctorFix unittests
2018-06-10 Sarah BoctorMerge branch 'master' of github.com:zero-os/0-templates...
2018-06-10 Sarah BoctorRefactor minio template
2018-06-07 Christophe... don't prevent to uninstall
2018-06-07 Dinaamagdyadd reset ,reboot ,enable and disable vnc (#137)
2018-06-07 Jo De BoeckAdd method in public_gateway to get members info (...
2018-06-06 Jo De BoeckAdd public flag to gw + live config (#138)
2018-06-04 alichaddadUpdates zrobot template for zero-boot (#126)
2018-05-31 Jo De BoeckAdd monitor to gateway template (#136)
2018-05-30 serboctorMerge pull request #99 from zero-os/minio-meta-privkey
2018-05-30 Sarah BoctorMerge branch 'master' of github.com:zero-os/0-templates...
2018-05-30 Sarah BoctorUpdate minio readme
2018-05-30 Jo De BoeckAdd public gateway template (#135)
2018-05-29 Jo De BoeckMove network config to node (#132)
2018-05-29 DinaamagdyVmtest (#120)
2018-05-28 serboctorRollback gateway state if any of the actions fail....
2018-05-28 serboctorMerge pull request #130 from zero-os/tests-refactor
2018-05-28 Sarah BoctorUpdate test utils import
2018-05-27 Sarah BoctorUse ZrobotBaseTest for all test classes
2018-05-24 Chris Van de... Removes zeroboot templates
2018-05-24 Chris Van de... Zeroboot templates (#124)
2018-05-22 Sarah BoctorMerge branch 'master' of github.com:zero-os/0-templates
2018-05-22 Sarah BoctorAdd `token` action to zerotier_client.
2018-05-22 Jo De BoeckFix typo in vm template
2018-05-22 Sarah BoctorRemove accidentally pushed file and update zerodb docs
2018-05-21 Sarah BoctorFix node read me and update gitignore.
2018-05-21 Jo De BoeckAdd start and force shutdown actions to vm (#119)
2018-05-20 Jo De BoeckUpdate some docs
2018-05-20 Jo De BoeckRemove duplicate docstring
2018-05-20 Jo De BoeckUpdate docs regarding vdisk create + support for label
2018-05-17 Ahmed El-SayedTravis docs (#115)
2018-05-17 john-kheirMerge pull request #112 from zero-os/new-travis-job
2018-05-17 Sarah BoctorFix vm docs
2018-05-17 Ahmed El-Sayedfix ipxe url
2018-05-17 Ahmed El-Sayedfix ipxe url
2018-05-17 Ahmed El-Sayedwait for zerotier ip
2018-05-17 Ahmed El-Sayedrefactor
2018-05-16 Sarah BoctorAdd poolSize and poolStart to gatewway dhcp schema.
2018-05-16 Ahmed El-Sayedreturn G8_testing branch to master
2018-05-16 Ahmed El-Sayedmake tests path configurable
2018-05-15 serboctorMerge pull request #110 from zero-os/gw-ext
2018-05-15 Sarah BoctorCheck if a network exist before using it for gateway...
2018-05-15 Ahmed El-Sayeddebug
2018-05-15 Sarah BoctorModify gw portforwards to use network name in the portf...
2018-05-15 Ahmed El-Sayeddebug
2018-05-15 Ahmed El-Sayedfix
2018-05-15 Ahmed El-Sayedfix
2018-05-15 Ahmed El-Sayedfix
2018-05-15 Ahmed El-Sayedfix
2018-05-15 Ahmed El-Sayedfix
2018-05-15 Ahmed El-Sayedfix
2018-05-15 Ahmed El-Sayedfix
2018-05-14 Ahmed El-Sayedfix
2018-05-14 Ahmed El-Sayedfix 0-robot installation
2018-05-14 Ahmed El-Sayedfix 0-robot installation
2018-05-14 Ahmed El-Sayedcomment default job
2018-05-14 Ahmed El-Sayedinit commit
2018-05-14 Christophe... add capacity registration to node template (#108)
2018-05-13 serboctorMerge pull request #107 from zero-os/zerodb_namespace
2018-05-13 Sarah BoctorMinor fix in namespace template and test.
2018-05-13 Sarah BoctorPR comments, fixes and fixing tests.
2018-05-11 Christophe... add vdisk template
2018-05-11 Christophe... make namespace template usable to create vdisks for vm
2018-05-10 Jo De BoeckAdd validation for mode and disktype
2018-05-10 Jo De BoeckAdd node action to create namespace